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Who We Are

From tradition to innovation

The quality brand on the market since 1924, a successful tradition that grows throughtout innovation, a wide range of market-leading products and a constant presence in the Italian families houses: the VIA DELLE INDIE, one of the few "Italian" food companies, proud of its past, is preparing to face up the future with confidence, determination and many new ideas.

The classic values of genuineness, goodness and tradition typical of the Mediterranean diet are, once again, imposing themselves in Italian families, in the large italian communities abroad and on a wider large public. These same values are part of our corporate heritage: this is why the VIA DELLE INDIE has been awarded the international prize "Caterina De' Medici", for the world diffusion of the italian food quality and wine products, and VIA DELLE INDIE products are seen and experienced as the ideal ingredients to package real Italian food.

Registered trademark since 1924

Bollino Tradizione


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